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6 reasons why you’d be crazy to buy an electric car |

That headline was a little sensational – we apologize for that.

That said, while thinks that electric cars are more than likely the future of personal transport for a number of excellent reasons, there are some notable drawbacks. And if you’re seriously thinking about buying an electric car they are worth knowing about.

We haven’t addressed the two main disadvantages of electric cars – range and charge time – because they’ve been done to death. Suffice to say that electric cars, on average, manage around 90 miles of range and take roughly six hours to charge up from a domestic source.

Get used to travelling light

Some electric cars, like the Tesla Model S, package their huge batteries so cleverly that cargo space is left uncompressed. Most, however, don’t, and the repercussions are severe.

For example, the Ford Focus Electric has 14.5 cubic feet of space behind the second row of seats, which is rather a lot less than the 23.8 cubic feet you get in the standard Focus. The Nissan LEAF’s23.6 cubic feet is much better, but it still can’t match the Volkswagen Golf’s 25.5 cubic feet. Choose your electric car wisely if luggage space is important to you.



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