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Got Juice? We Try ChargePoint’s Smarter Charging Network

BMW i3 Showcases ChargePoint’s Latest Technology

ChargePoint, the nation’s leading operator of connected electric vehicle chargers, is on an impressive growth spurt as of late. Have a look at the numbers: In 2013, an electric vehicle was plugged into one of ChargePoint’s 8000 stations in the U.S. and Canada every 23 seconds. Nowadays, with 15,000 chargers communicating on the cloud-based network, that time shrunk to 11 seconds. There’s more to its growth and success than simply boosting the number of chargers on the network. According to Dimitrios Papadogonas, ChargePoint Vice President of Marketing, easily accessible and interpretable information on your phone or navigation system is key, and automakers are taking notice. “(By the end of 2013), all the manufactures had been marinating and making EVs for years — they’ve adjusted to the idea (of EVs), Papadogonas said. “Now they’re all getting past the point of thinking ‘How do we charge the car?’ to ‘How do we increase the experience and the enjoyment of owning that EV?’”


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