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The popularity of (WAVE), with its growing number of participants, has demonstrated how quickly battery powered vehicles are adapting to all types of driving conditions, from local urban roads to long distance routes and demanding conditions in the high Swiss Alps. A major objective of WAVE is to encourage the installation of the recharging infrastructure and each year we find more enthusiastic suppliers enabling us to recharge our cars. This will take some time to complete, but in the meantime, each WAVE team feeds electricity from a renewable source, such as wind or solar, into the grid in their home country. En route they can withdraw that energy from any power socket.

Last year the WAVE teams including Green MotorSport achieved the world record for an electric vehicle parade, with over 300 battery powered vehicles. The Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that our world record for the largest electric vehicle parade at the Zurich festival 2013 has been officially accepted. The new world record now stands at 305 vehicles, which made it back to the start/finish line. Green MotorSport will be displaying the team certificate as soon as it’s available.

New categories of vehicles

In 2014, for the first time, the WAVE TROPHY will be awarded to three categories: Vehicles with more than 900 kg empty weight Vehicles with less than 900 kg empty weight (including motor bikes) E-bikes (which can be powered by muscle power, too) In this way, the competition will be more interesting, and each vehicle will only be compared to similar vehicles. This also means that more prizes will be awarded!


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