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Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger to Pilot in New York City

HEVO Power’s wireless charging solutions in New York City will be disguised as manhole covers. target=”_blank”>HEVO Power

Progress in the electric vehicle market is slower than many anticipated, but there is progress. Tesla Motors continues to impress critics with the all-around quality and style of its fully electric vehicles, and Chinese electric vehicle automakers are now considering getting into the global market. One of the biggest impediments to widespread market adoption, according to a New York-based startup, is the power cord, a problem they’ve solved by creating wireless power stations for electric vehicle fleets.

The company, called HEVO Power, has entered into a $20,000 contract with the Department of Public Safety at New York University (NYU) to build two charging stations for their security team’s electric vehicles. The project, funded by a grant from the NYU Office of Sustainability, is the company’s first contract, although according to the company, many other government and commercial organizations have also expressed interest.

The NYU pilot will roll out by the end of the first quarter of 2014, said CEO Jeremy McCool, and they see this project as the beginning of an acceleration in the market toward increased electric vehicle adoption. “Most of the cities we talk to are hesitant to allow a broadened public infrastructure for charging and they really like the focus of wireless charging because it eliminates the hazards of cords, tripping hazards, hazards like the kiosk being damaged,” he said.


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