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VW e-Up! review: All an electric car needs to be

The latest entry into the ever-growing world of electric cars is VW’s e-Up! Boasting a no frills approach to petrol-free motoring, it takes a stripped-back approach to the automotive tech that we rather like.

So how does the Up! fair against its other slightly more expensive rivals? Is it all an electric car needs to be? Or does the technical wizardry of the pricier BMW i3 justify the cost?

Design and Build

First of all, a bit of review-based housekeeping. As much as we like VW’s ‘fun’ use of exclamation marks in the e-Up!’s name, lets just stick to Up for this review.

In terms of build, the Up is VW’s answer to the Fiat 500. It’s designed to be as small and stripped back as a city car can be, while still retaining some of the brand’s signature build quality.



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