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Volt owner shares negative experience at a public charging station – Torque News

Scott Brown, a 2013 Chevy Volt owner shares his perspective on ownership and achieving high efficiency. But read what happened to his Volt when he left a friendly note to a Prius owner who had parked his vehicle on top of the electrical cables.
Scott Brown reports from California.
This 2013 Chevy Volt is the “Extended Range” vehicle produced by General Motors. When GM announced that this vehicle would have a full electric range of approximately 40mi and a gasoline engine that could be used to extend that range I became deeply interested for two reasons. One is the fact that my commute into work everyday is 37 miles. The second reason is twofold; by trade, I am an automotive service technician with a keen interest in alternative propulsion systems, and years ago, I had a customer that had two of the early GM electrified vehicles (EV1, first generation & second generation) that he allowed us to explore a bit.
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