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VIA Motors wins $80M electrification deal from Sun Country Highway

VIA Motors said it won business worth $80 million from Sun Country Highway, which wants to offer electric vehicles and charging stations to businesses like hotels.

Privately funded Sun Country Highways has built over 1,000 charging stations across Canada and wants to provide the infrastructure for coast-to-coast electric vehicles to recharge. Sun Country will also buy electrified vehicles from VIA Motors, which are Chevrolet Express passenger vans converted to extended range electric technology similar to that used in the Chevy Volt.

“In phase one of the project we electrified hundreds of businesses across the country including placing about 100 charges at Best Western Hotels,” said Sun Country founder Kent Rathwell.

“In phase two, we will deploy VIA’s electric trucks and vans and have already placed an $8 million order with a deposit to VIA for the first 100 vehicles. We have signed a purchase agreement with VIA committing us to about $80 million of electrified vehicles overall, to meet the demand of the expanding project,” Rathwell said.


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