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UK: Living with a Nissan Leaf

We report on the pros and cons of the Nissan Leaf electric car, one of which we have on long-term test
Nissan Leaf electric car long-term review
Will driving a Nissan Leaf for a year convert us into electric car enthusiasts?
Neil Lyndon

By Neil Lyndon

5:06PM GMT 16 Jan 2014

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After five months with our Nissan Leaf long-term test car, here are our thoughts on electric motoring.


• Our year’s savings on petrol could pay for a holiday. On average, in the past, I have filled one tank a month. Since September, when I started using the Leaf full time, I have filled only one tank – for a long trip in the family bus Peugeot 5008. So the 2p per mile cost of running the Leaf electric car (setting aside purchase cost) will have saved us at least £300.

• I have my own parking space in the heart of our town which is always empty. No matter if it’s Saturday morning or the middle of a busy working day, the two spaces for electric cars – with recharging points – which the council has provided at the municipal car park will always be vacant. It’s bliss. I don’t even have to buy a ticket to park (though you do have to pay for the electricity).

• The Leaf sets you apart (if you like that sort of thing). Never mind your Bentleys and Ferraris: if you go out in a Leaf, you can bet you won’t see another. Ours seems to be the only one in daily use in Scotland, where I live. People stop and stare when it glides silently by.


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