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TRADEC Evaluates 6T Li-ion Batteries for Military, Commecial Vehicles

CALSTART, a member supported organization that specializes in clean transportation technologies is evaluating the use of military 6T Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery technology in commercial vehicles. The purpose of this effort is to apply recent advances in Lithium-Ion introduce drop-in replacement for traditional lead-acid batteries currently used in commercial and military vehicles. The 6T standard Li-ion based 12V and 24V 6T batteries are promising to provide significantly improved power and energy densities over existing lead acid alternatives. The three battery companies participating in the CALSTART-led test are Navitas Systems LLC, EaglePicher Technologies and Saft. CALSTART will assess the efficacy of the new batteries in operations in hot and cold weather, testing on Class 8 highway trucks. During the testing process CALSTART will be collecting the data generated from the three battery manufacturers. The field testing activities are designed so that the prototype battery technology can achieve a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) level 6.
Drop-in 6T Li-ion battery from Navitas Systems. Photo: Navitas Systems

Drop-in 6T Li-ion battery from Navitas Systems. Photo: Navitas Systems

Saft announced today it has delivered CALSTART its e6T Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery, designed for use in military and commercial applications. This development marks the first time the military e6T Li-ion battery configuration will be tested for commercial trucks application, opening a potential new market for this advanced power supply, far beyond the military applications it was originally designed for. Saft said The agreement also includes delivery of 28V e6T power supplies to TARDEC, the U.S. Army’s Tank and Research Development and Engineering Center.


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