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Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle promises to grab eyeballs at 2014 International CES

Many automakers will be displaying their cars at the 2014 International CES starting January 7. Among them is Toyota, whose Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) concept is likely to gab the attention of the visitors at the event.

Toyota describes FCV as the nearest thing yet to an “ultimate eco-car” that gives answers to energy and emissions issues. FCVs combine pure hydrogen with air to produce water, a reaction that also produces electricity to power the on-board electric motor of the car.

Many automakers had worked on fuel cell research programs but their efforts went silent as battery electric vehicles started picking up momentum in the car industry.

A FCV is basically an electric car, with the advantage that hydrogen tanks take comparatively less time to fill than for a battery to recharge. Toyota says that using two tanks storing hydrogen at 10,000 psi, the FCV concept can go 310 miles and takes only three minutes to refill with hydrogen.

The fuel cell system in the concept is equipped with the company’s high-efficiency boost converter, which increases the voltage and makes it possible to offer enhanced performance at a reduced cost. If the car is fully fueled, it can provide enough electricity to meet the daily requirements of an average home for more than a week.


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