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The ghost towns of Fukushima:

Nearly three years after the tsunami which caused a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima the fallout continues
In December the power plant was said to be in a state of ‘cold shutdown’ meaning the cleanup can begin
Now 400 tonnes of uranium rods must be moved out of damaged reactor four to a safer location
After that is done some people evacuated from the 12-mile exclusion zone may be allowed to return home for good
In the meantime residents of some of the less exposed towns are allowed home once a month, but cannot stay long
In March 2011 the world watched in horror as a powerful earthquake rocked Japan, before a deadly tsunami swept ashore, washing away any boats, cars, homes and people unfortunate enough to be in its path.

But while the initial reports of 19,000 dead shocked viewers around the globe, that news would soon be superseded by the terrors to come from the then-unknown town of Fukushima as its nuclear power plant was overcome by floodwater before going into meltdown.



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