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Tesla Supercharger Station Comes to Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Mesa Mall shoppers may have noticed a new electric car charging station being built near Cabela’s and Sears. It is a Tesla Supercharger station, the third to be built in Colorado. The Tesla is an electric car gaining some major traction around the world. The first one on the road was a sports car and now the company is entering a new era, building a wide range of models, including an affordably priced family.

At first glance, the chargers look like gas pumps of the future.

Chelsi Reimer, marketing director for Mesa Mall, said, “We’ve had a lot of questions, ‘are you putting a gas station out there?’ And we’re like, well sort of, but its electricity for electric cars.”

There are now a total of 53 Supercharger stations in North America. They are designed so users can charge their car, perhaps get a bite to eat, and be on the road within the hour. Superchargers provide half a charge in about 20 minutes.

However, looking around the Grand Valley, it’s clear there aren’t many Tesla’s on the road.

Mesa County Motor Vehicle supervisor, Bobbie Gross, said, “Here in Mesa County, we haven’t had any of the Tesla vehicles registered yet.”



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