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Tesla Recalls 29,000 Electric Car Chargers Due to Overheating Concerns

Tesla is updating its home charger adapters for owners following overheating concerns. The company said some chargers melted and others caught on fire. (Photo : REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson )

Tesla Motors has recalled 29,000 chargers due to overheating concerns with the adapters, CNBC reports.

Tesla will send owners replacement adapters via mail along with a software update to fix the issue, which includes “melted adapters and, in a worst-case scenario, fire,” the company said in a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on January 12. The adapters will be provided to existing and new Tesla owners “starting in a few weeks,” Tesla said.

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“While the number of incidents remains small, and Tesla’s review to date points to the building receptacle or wiring as the primary cause of failed NEMA 14-50 adapters,” Tesla said in the letter, “the Company has determined that a voluntary recall is appropriate as a precautionary measure.”

“We believe this fully addresses the problem,” Tesla said of the software update in a statement Friday. “However, to provide additional protection for Model S customers, we have designed a new wall adapter with a thermal fuse.”

The new home chargers include thermal fuses designed to shut down the charger when abnormal levels of heat are detected. The wall adapter concern is the latest issue Tesla is dealing with involving fires and its electric cars. It is also the subject of a separate federal probe into fires started in Tesla Model S vehicles after the cars’ battery packs were punctured by road debris.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk blamed “inadequate” household wiring for the smoking sockets in an interview with Bloomberg.


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