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Tesla owner completes first coast-to-coast trip in electric vehicle via supercharging network

Traveling across the country by electric vehicle is now possible for owners of the Tesla Model S performance sedan.

Even better, it cost nothing.

Using the all-electric vehicle maker’s exclusive supercharging network, John Gleeney made the trip with his adult daughter, Jill Glenney, from New York to Los Angeles in less than a week, using 28 supercharging stations, according to Silicon Beat.

Tesla charging network quells range anxiety Tesla charging network quells range anxiety

The trip was unscripted and not part of Tesla’s all-encompassing marketing strategy. Tesla will be sending two if its own teams on a reverse trip from LA to NY this weekend, according to a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk (@ElonMusk). They aim “to set a cross-country EV speed record” by covering the same ground in 3 days.

If you can’t be first, you can be fastest.

The elegant but powerful Model S was introduced in mid-2012 and has since spread to 37 countries, including Norway, where EV incentives have made it the best-selling car and the entire population is within range of a Tesla supercharger.

A national supercharging network is vital for consumers to overcome the fear of range anxiety, or being stranded with no power and for Musk to realize his goal of “transitioning to a sustainable energy economy with the use of electric vehicles,” according to Tesla, which was launched in 2003.
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