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Tesla install charging stations in kingman

KINGMAN – Automaker Tesla Motors is installing a new charging station for its electric cars at the Carl’s Jr. location on Beale Street in downtown Kingman. Restaurant manager Jamal Curtis reports that installation should be complete in a couple of weeks.

According to Telsa spokesperson Alexis Georgeson, the company has opened three other Arizona “supercharger stations” over the past couple of months in Quartzsite, Holbrook and Flagstaff.

Supercharging is free for Tesla owners and the automaker pays for the station’s installation and for the electricity. The Tesla chargers are not compatible with other electric vehicles, primarily because “other manufacturer’s vehicles aren’t built to handle 120 kilowatts of power,” said Georgeson.

The superchargers are reportedly part of a nationwide network along major corridors that will provide “free long distance travel across the country… from Los Angeles to New York,” according to Georgeson, “with charging stations being strategically placed to allow owners to drive from station to station with minimal stops.”

The company is locating chargers near amenities such as restaurants and shopping centers so that travelers can have their vehicles charged by the time they’ve finished a quick meal. The network is nearing completion and a map of charging locations may be viewed at:


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