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Seattle Lithium Battery Maker Claims ‘Next-Generation’ Energy Breakthrough – EVWORLD.COM

EnerG2 introduces nano-structured silicon and carbon into lithium battery cathodes that it claims nearly quadruples electric car range and improve life cycle by 5X.
Published: 25-Jan-2014

EnerG2, a Seattle-based company manufacturing advanced nano-structured materials for next-generation energy storage breakthroughs, today announced that it has extended its product lines to further boost lithium-ion battery capacity and power performance. These improvements, designed to harness the benefit of silicon in Lithium-ion batteries, leverage EnerG2’s unique polymer chemistry-based approach and come less than year after launching production of hard carbons tailored for Li-ion anodes.

Blending carbon and silicon – while simultaneously providing additional electrochemically active hard carbon for greater control, stability and cycling – EnerG2’s cutting-edge and cost-effective new product is capable of replacing commonly used low-capacity graphite materials in lithium- ion batteries. The composite material has been scaled for commercial manufacturing and has far-reaching implications for a consumer electronics industry with ever-increasing requirements for energy storage.

The solution will also have a special impact on the automotive business, where EnerG2’s silicon-containing materials will help electric vehicles travel anywhere from 200-300 miles on a single charge. In contrast, the component materials enabling the Nissan LEAF, for example, currently allow approximately 75 miles on a single charge; and the Chevrolet Volt has an all-electric range of 38 miles per charge.



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