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Roadshow: Move over, Prius? Readers talk up Tesla and Smart electric cars

Q Now that the Prius has become the best-selling car in California, and particularly since the standard version is no longer allowed in the carpool lane, I think it’s time for Mr. Roadshow to get some new wheels.

Steve Rempel

Los Altos

A Such as …

Q I would propose an electric car. It has to be something that is allowed in the HOV lane. I’ll bet that would get the flaming emails rolling again. I would spot you the down payment for a Tesla S, but I’m a little short on cash this week. Maybe a Leaf or Volt would do.

Steve Rempel
Smart on Highway 101 in San Mateo.
Smart on Highway 101 in San Mateo. (Mercury News)

A Mrs. Roadshow and I do miss those carpool stickers. But our trusted Prius hybrid is going strong at 111,000 miles and we are not ready to take the electric-car or plug-in plunge — unless you make good on the down payment! But other readers are ready to do it.

Q It seems there are many misconceptions out there regarding electric vehicles, so I say, “Move over, Prius. Time for some Smart talk.”

My husband has long wanted to buy a Tesla and ponied up his $5,000 deposit to get in line for one. However, when his turn finally came we had to ask ourselves if we could really justify spending close to $70,000 for a car to drive around town.

I had been looking for a green vehicle to replace my 1998 BMW hatchback and came across the new 2013 electric drive Smart car. Now that the kids are grown, we thought, “Why not get a 2-person electric car for around town?” So I put my $500 down in February and waited for the August delivery of my new car.

Carol Ruth


A Six months later …


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