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Pure Electric Vehicle Sales In Norway 2013

The year 2013 has come to an end and now it’s time to sum up the sales results and look at how the world’s largest markets have developed.

Norway will go first, but without PHEV data, because their numbers are relatively small due to incentives that strongly favor EVs.

In 2013, we saw 7,882 new passenger electric cars registered in Norway, which is twice as many as in 2012 when only 3,950 were registered. The market doubled and EVs now hold 5.5% market share on average in 2013.

When we look at the November and December results, with over 11% of market share, we could expect that 2014 has a big chance to double too.

Separately, Norway counts light delivery vehicles with electric drivetrain. 340 were registered in 2013, which is several times more than the 59 in 2012. December’s surge to 175 units indicates that this segment could be huge in 2014 too.

And finally, we also should include used imported electric cars because in Norway this is significant source of EVs. A total of 2,086 units were bought this way, which accounted for ~25% of new car sales. This is also several times more than the 309 in 2012. From where does Norway draws all these 2,086 cars?

And now, with all of that tallied up, we see 10,143 registrations of EVs in Norway in 2013 versus 4,318 in 2012. A total of about 20,000 electric cars are now driving on the roads of Norway and at the end of 2014 it could 40,000 or more.
EV sales in Norway – 2012

EV sales in Norway – 2012

Let’s go to the models now.

In 2012, only a few models were on the market in Norway and the Nissan LEAF slowly dominated by taking 58.2% of the EV market share.


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