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Nissan cash car marks 100,000 Leaf sales

Brett Garner and his wife in front of a Nissan leaf covered in coins

NISSAN has produced a special edition of its Leaf electric hatchback to celebrate the 100,000 global sales milestone.

To mark the event a promotional car has been covered in 50,000 two pence coins from the UK and 50,000 two cent Euro coins, which add 504kg to the vehicle’s weight. The Japanese car maker said it represented the Leaf’s low running costs of 2p per mile and less than 2 cents per kilometre.

Creating the coined-covered car took a specialist team of three people seven days to complete.

The actual 100,00th car, a white top-of-the-range Leaf built at the firm’s Sunderland factory, has been sold to dentist Brett Garner from Hampshire.

“For such a revolutionary car, to achieve this sales milestone in such a short space of time is a major achievement,” said Guillaume Cartier, senior vice president of sales and marketing, at Nissan Europe.


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