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NAIAS: VIA motors showcases world’s first four-wheel-drive electric vehicles

DETROIT — VIA Motors didn’t debut anything new at the North American International Auto Show, but that doesn’t mean the company didn’t make an impact.

The company had two displays, one outside of the show floor where a pair of full-size electric pickup trucks were on display, and another in the basement where a line of electric work vehicles were being showcased.

Although the extended-range pickup debuted at the San Francisco Auto Show in December, the Detroit show is the biggest the truck will be on display.

An extended-range electric work truck comes with an optional onboard inverter that can be used in place of a tow-behind generator to power the workplace or provide emergency power.

VIA Motors electric pickup trucks also feature 240V and 120V outlets on the truck that provide 15 kilowatts of mobile power for emergency or job site applications.

Bob Lutz, who helped develop the Volt while working at Chevrolet, said he feels VIA is at the forefront of the electric car industry.


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