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Leaf Driver Saves $270 on Gas Monthly and Why He Loves His License Plate

My 2013 Nissan Leaf SV is special to me because I have to drive 130 miles a day and this EV saves a lot of money in gas. I calculated that after the costs of my last car, plus gas, I am pocketing 270 dollars a month after my car payment, says Randy Hamlet from Chillicothe, Ohio.

I really wanted an EV before, but I didn’t really have any options. I remember I was looking at the old CitiCars when I was looking for my first car, but it wouldn’t really work for me. I feel that BEVs are the future of transportation; they provide environmental, financial, and national security advantages, all with a driving experience. The car comes with heated front and back seats, standard, along with sat nav, a heated steering wheel, and a quiet, comfortable ride. I love blasting off silently at red lights. The car saves me a lot of money and I get a very good, quality car.


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