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Keep your eyes out for this self-driving electric vehicle in the U.S.

French company Induct has launched an electric driverless vehicle for last-mile transit in the United States, and it’s running demonstrations of the gizmo today at the 2014 International CES trade show in Las Vegas.

The demo of Induct’s Navia vehicle at CES — one of the biggest technology events in the world — follows long-term beta deployments at a university in Singapore, a technology institute in Switzerland, and other sites.

On four wheels, Navia can weave around pedestrians as it carries as many as eight people. It relies on four laser-based LIDAR units and two cameras to look out for any objects in its path.

Users can summon the Navia on a mobile device and can then select a destination by pushing a button on Navia’s touch screen. The vehicle maxes out at 12.5 mph. Think of it as a possible extension for buses or trains, to deliver passengers right to their front doors.

Navia’s batteries recharge by way of magnetic induction when the vehicle rolls over a magnetic pad.


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