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Japan Offering To Help Buil Maglev Train In US — Baltimore To DC In 15 Minutes

The US is getting woefully behind in train transport. While Japan, Europe, China, and others have high-speed rail, the US can’t get far enough political barriers to even get construction started on this generation of train travel. Perhaps Japan is feeling sorry for us, or perhaps it just wants to sell some of its high-speed train expertise — the country is willing to put up 50% of the loans needed to build a 37-mile maglev train (the fastest kind around) between Baltimore and Washington, DC.

“Even though the journey covers less than 40 miles, the current rail network takes more than an hour to make the trip between the two cities. In most cases, it’s quicker to drive, though finding (and paying for) a parking spot is a headache, nevermind the infamous Beltway traffic,” Chris DeMorro of Gas2 writes.


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