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Global Military Battery Market

This study analyses the global market for military batteries. It includes revenue forecast, pricing trends, market trends, opportunities, and competitive overview for the period 2009–2017. The analysis is analysed through two segments; it is categorised by battery chemistry and by end-user application. Geographic region segmentation includes North America, South America and Central America (Americas); Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC). Key drivers and restraints, along with the military programmes that drive the demand for batteries, are discussed in detail in this study.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

– Is the market growing? How long will it continue to grow, and at what rate?
– What is the role of emerging economies in the demand for military batteries?
– Which military application creates a significant demand for batteries?
– What are the latest military equipment technologies? How do they affect the military battery market?
– Do the military batteries supplied meet the requirement or is additional development needed?
– How important is the military equipment market to battery vendors?


The study discusses the potential for batteries used in military applications; it includes defence, aerospace and naval applications.


The global military battery market is segmented by battery chemistry, end-user application, and geographic region.


– Revenue is defined as manufacturers earnings on shipping a battery on a particular year. Revenue from service and other value-added enhancements are not considered.
– Revenue for lithium-ion batteries is derived from the battery pack manufacturer shipping these batteries, and not just a lithium-ion cell manufacturer supplying cells to battery pack assemblers.


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