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For Reporting on Fukushima, a 10-Year Jail Sentence

Fears surrounding Fukushima’s nuclear meltdown have escalated a notch higher with Japan’s new States Secrets Act. The new stipulates that anyone who reports on the country’s worst nuclear disaster may face 10 years in jail.

FND1 For Reporting on Fukushima, a 10 Year Jail Sentence picture

Already, a Japanese professor was placed under 20-day custody, accused of showing open defiance against the incineration of Fukushima’s radioactive waste in the open air.

Since the new law’s enforcement began, Prime Minister Abe has come under public criticism. According to the Times of India, the Japanese leader’s popularity has dropped since the new enactment.

Japanese legislator Taro Yamamoto said that the law could lead to the reestablishment of a “fascist state” in Japan. Even the Asahi Shimbun newspaper said Japan’s actions are reminiscent of the country’s “conspiracy” acts prior to the Pearl Harbor attack.


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