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Denmark Gets Fast Chargers

The new charging stations will help support electric car usage in the country.
January 3, 2014

​COPENHAGEN – Denmark’s fledging electric vehicle infrastructure will receive a boost with the addition of new charging stations, Petrol Plaza News reports. Clever, which operates electric charging stations in Denmark, recently announced plans to add new fast chargers.

Denmark has been working hard to bring more clean transportation options to its citizens recently, with the government investigating fuel cell vehicles. However, residents have had a preference for battery-powered electric cars, with a growing demand that has been pushing the country’s infrastructure to its limits.

The fast chargers, designed by ABB, which develops electric car charging technology, will give electric vehicles access to a direct current feed. This will charge the battery much quicker than via more traditional charging technologies.

With more efficient charging available, Clever hopes that more consumers will purchase electric vehicles. The fast chargers slash the “refuel” time for electric cars. Clever has already installed numerous fast chargers throughout the country, but has plans to add 100 more early this year.


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