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Crowd-funding Success for Radioactive Ocean Website 29/01/2014

In view of growing public concern about the plume of radioactive ocean water from Fukushima arriving on the western shores of North America and with no US-government or international plan to monitor it, a new project from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is filling an information gap. Through the ‘How Radioactive Is Our Ocean’ website, the public can support the monitoring of radiation in the ocean by making tax-deductible donations to fund the analysis of collected seawater samples. The public can also propose new locations and fund sample-taking and the analysis of samples from those sites at Ken Buesseler’s lab in Woods Hole.

Radioactive measurements of Fukushima fallout

Just two weeks after launching the crowd-sourcing campaign and citizen science website, ‘How Radioactive Is Our Ocean,’ WHOI marine chemist Ken Buesseler’s project has received more than 70 individual donations from the concerned public. New data on seawater radiation levels will be posted on the website today.

The project aims to inform and include the public in the process of gathering information about radiation levels in the ocean. The website has garnered more than 18,000 visits to date.


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