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BMW hints at i5 to join electric car line-up

Exec confirms BMW has already trademarked moves for further models.

BMW’s little i3 city car and i8 sports car are just the start of the electric range for the German prestige brand, with an executive telling media at Detroit motor show the next car is in works.

BMW’s head of electric vehicle operations and strategy, Jacob Harb, hinted to AutoblogGreen that what is being developed is likely to be an i5, although he stopped short of giving a name to the project.

“You can probably take an educated guess at the next thought process, something a little bigger, maybe a little more range, relative to the i3,” Harb is cited as saying. “We’ve got everything trademarked and we’re exploring the best, next iteration. It is coming. It’s in development now.” Harb is reported as adding he would be heading to Munich as early as next week to “start the discussions further”.

We’ve reported previously that BMW was tipped to have already registered a series of nameplates, ranging from i1 up to i11 and it’s likely that their next step would be a more family-focused car to aim for volume sales numbers.

News last year suggested that an i5 could be in the works with BMW planning to stretch the platform that underpins the i3 to create a roomier — and more family-focused — vehicle.


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