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Best car of 2014? bestows awards

Every year, automakers roll out about 70 brand-new or redesigned cars. reviewers have spent hundreds of hours behind the wheels of those cars to pick the six best, and from those six, they chose the 2014 Best Car of the Year.

The weeklong experience with each car enables the reviewers to get to know its quirks and where it excels and falls short. They get to play with the features and options, and they find out which small joys turn into genius discoveries and which small annoyances turn into disastrous choices. They focus their attention on innovations, quality and – above all else – value. That doesn’t mean the least expensive cars; even $100,000-plus cars can have a strong value proposition.

The reviewers awarded Car of the Year honors in 6 classes: Car, Pickup, Family Car, Play Car, Luxury Car and Eco-friendly Car.

With loads of high-tech and luxurious-feeling features packed in at a competitive price, it would be hard for financially savvy and tech-appreciative families to pass over the Santa Fe Sport. Our team of editors took note and voted this midsize crossover right to the top.
Play Car of the Year: 2014 Porsche Boxster

Luxury roadsters pack handsome interiors and punchy engines, but few can connect the car and its driver like the Boxster. Thanks to its sublime balance, Porsche’s mid-engine icon is still a performance car through and through.


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