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Around the world in an electric car in six months – Part 1: Driving range – 38,502km/6months

Six months after the deployment of our first electric vehicles into daily working routine it is time for an assessment. We are proud to have achieved our first historic milestone which means a lot not only for GreenWay but also the development of electromobility in Slovakia. In May 2013 our first client started to use our electric vans, putting them into live operation without hesitation. A pair of electric vehicles he has been using during this period drove on average 38,502 kilometres! Which, incidentally, is more than any other electric vehicle in the world has done in such a similarly short time. More important than the GreenWay concept being an electromobility pioneer in Slovakia are the significant results standing behind it.After six months this difficult task full of challenges has borne fruit.

The Med-art company is a licensed distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in Slovakia, and our first client. GreenWay light commercial vehicles running purely on electric power were used during all working days in the first half of the year, without a single interruption. This means, among other things, that the reliability of electric cars, and not just ours, is extremely high. Electric cars are therefore a welcome partner not only to ordinary consumers, but also companies. It is precisely the companies that can benefit from the low costs and virtually maintenance-free operation, which is a part of our services. This is evidenced by the results which Med-art company achieved within half a year of intensive use of electric cars. Operating costs for electric cars were in the particular case significantly lower than vehicles with combustion engines, which the company also owns and operates..

Greenway currently operates a unique system of electromobility, which is singular in that it frees its clients from dependence on oil and its ever-rising prices. GreenWay transforms relatively expensive and sophisticated technology to an easy and affordable service. Unlike Tesla Motors or BetterPlace, our product is specifically aimed at B2B customers who use vans and drive the distances at which the electric car is economically the best choice. But ultimately it is not just the prices, and lower operating costs, which make electromobility and GreenWay services exceptional. Thanks to our solutions, companies can reduce their carbon footprint and be role models while proving inspirational for other companies.


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