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5 interesting facts about electric-bikes

John MacArthur at the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC) has publish an interesting presentation on electric bicycles (aka e-bikes), which I found thanks to Michael Andersen at BikePortland. It highlights many interesting facts about this hyper-green human-electric hybrid mode of transportation, and I’d like to share the highlights with you below (but you can check out the whole thing here).

Flickr/CC BY 2.0

1) Converting a bike to an e-bike is slightly more common than buying an e-bike from scratch. 48 percent of e-bike users purchased an e-bike, whereas 52 percent converted a standard bike (most commonly a mountain bike, but 13 percent of them a cargo bike or Xtracycle) by adding a battery and motor.
That’s an interesting stats. I expected conversions to be a lower ratio. This might be a sign that e-bikes are still in the early adopter phase in the US, as these tend to be a bit more dedicated and ready to make a project out of things than mainstream buyers. My guess is that over time, the ratio will go lower for conversions, but that’s not necessarily bad; what matters is that people are riding their bikes more.

2) E-Bike conversions are usually cheaper than purchases, but not always. 70 percent of e-bike conversions and 46 percent of e-bike purchases were done for $1500 or less.


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