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2014 Chevrolet Volt Reviewed By Chris Harris | GM Authority

The /Drive Channel on YouTube usually showcases fantastic displays of horsepower, burnouts, exotic road tests, and a fair amount of motorsport analysis. So it caught us off guard a little bit when host Chris Harris — the same Chris Harris that has driven vehicles like the Porsche 918 and Pagani Huayra — is testing a humble Chevrolet Volt. Chris Harris, the critic, calls it “one of the most controversial cars of modern times.” It is a hybrid car with a petrol 1.4L gasoline engine, which works as a range extender. Through a clutch and CBD gearbox, it is able to connect directly to the wheels itself.
Harris said the car is all about context.
“If you have a 200 mile commute that involves going fast on a freeway or a motorway every single day, then the Volt is not for you,” Harris said. However, according to Harris, if you live in an urban area or suburban area and your commute to work and back is 25-30 miles, then you need to look at this thing.

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