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With WiTricity Electricity is Everywhere

increasing number of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets comes the need for longer battery life and a decreased time to charge devices. One innovative company looking to truly disrupt the nature of powering and charging battery powered devices is Witricity.

Founded in 2007, WiTricity is setting out to commercialize a technology for wireless electricity invented by physicists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). WiTricity has taken in around $29 million in funding so far from the likes of Stata Venture Partners, Argonaut Partners, Intel Capital, Toyota, and Foxconn, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers. Just last week the company announced an intellectual property agreement through which Toyota will offer wireless charging devices on their future rechargeable hybrid electric and battery electric vehicles. The company lists a detailed and extensive portfolio of both issued and pending patents relating to their technology.

Witricity technology, while complex, is simply described. It enables the transfer of electric energy or power over distance without wires. The company offers 3 product solutions that allow developers access to this technology with the requirement that the commercial use and sale of products based on WiTricity technology require an IP license from WiTricity. Their product recently licensed by Toyota is the WiT-3300 which is a wireless “Park-and-Charge” self-charging system for electric vehicles.


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