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With Lithium Ion Battery Prices Set To Drop, Johnson Controls Could Help Your Portfolio Get Charged

(Editors’ Note: This article covers a stock trading at less than $1 per share and/or has less than a $100 million market cap. Please be aware of the risks associated with these stocks.)

Some of the hottest companies this year for investors are well known – Tesla (TSLA) and Apple (AAPL). They’re very different but from one perspective both could be considered electronics companies. Whether it’s phones, computers, or cars, the products these stocks produce are all electric.

So if Tesla and Apple can do it, which other companies can ride the wave of electronic innovation alongside these all-stars? What is one component that is found in each of them? Well, the lithium ion battery, of course.

The markets have been buzzing about lithium ion for a while but for one reason or another, the excitement tends to die down, much like the actual battery in my smartphone. But perhaps when excitement is running on empty is the best time to start considering entering the market.

Lithium ore prices have been on a rise since the mid-2000s, which encourages miners to produce even more.


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