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1. Join

Register online now for a one-time membership fee of $39. Once your membership is approved, your DriveNow ID (it’s like your car key) will be mailed to you. Your DriveNow ID is equipped with an RFID sticker that will unlock any available DriveNow car. Your DriveNow ID includes a ChargePoint network pass. With your ChargePoint pass you have access to the largest network of public charging stations.
Join now
2. Find

Locate the closest DriveNow station and available vehicle using the DriveNow app or website and click the “BOOK NOW” button. Get your vehicle from a DriveNow valet station that are conveniently located around the city, close to BART, MUNI and bike-sharing stations. Unlock the car with your DriveNow ID, and enter your PIN on the in-car touch screen. Start the car, no key needed.

3. Drive

1. Keep the car for as little or for as long as you like. You’ll be charged $12 for the first 30 minutes of driving, and $0.32 for every additional minute. While parking it’s just $0.13 per minute. Keep the car for the whole day for only $90.

2. After your journey, drop the car off at anyDriveNow station. Simply press the “End reservation” option on the display of the in-car touch screen, lock the vehicle by holding your DriveNow ID on the windsheld card reader, on the drivers side of the car. Your booking time ends when you have locked the vehicle.



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