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TUM To Test Virtual Electric Taxis – EVWORLD.COM

A fleet of 130 virtual electric cars is set to commence on the roads of Munich, Germany. Technische Universität München (TUM) provides participating companies with smartphones that will be installed in taxis and commercial vehicles to track their movements. The smartphone’s software records and processes the driving data to reveal how electric vehicles would perform the corresponding operational cycles in environmental and economic terms.

The last smartphones are currently being handed over to the project participants. Once that has been completed, the first phase of the “Virtual Electromobility among taxis and commercial vehicles in Munich” (VEM) project will begin. This phase entails capturing data on the mobility behavior of the participating drivers.

From the start of next year, the software developed by TUM’s Institute of Automotive Technology will simulate the operation of an electric vehicle on each of the smartphones. This is the first time that a simulation of this kind has been undertaken. The phones will record the exact location of the vehicle via GPS, along with driving behavior like acceleration, deceleration and turns. Once this driving data has been collected, the software will calculate the energy consumption for a freely configured electric vehicle and show the charge status of a virtual battery.



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