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Trial complete: electric vehicles can work in Australia


Thomas Bräunl
Professor of Robotics; Director, WA Electric Vehicle Trial at University of Western Australia

Thomas Bräunl worked for the WA EV Trial consortium as Technical Director. EV Trial participants were: CO2Smart, UWA/REV, EV Works, City of Perth, City of Swan, City of Mandurah, Landcorp, Water Corp, WA Dept. of Transport, WA Dept. of Environment and Conservation, RAC WA, Telstra, Mainroads, The West Australian. ARC Linkage partners are UWA Eng., UWA Business School, Murdoch Univ., AEVA, WA Dept. of Transport, Co2Smart. Station sponsors are Galaxy Resources and City of Fremantle.

Western Australia’s three-year trial found electric cars are a good fit for Australian cities. Luke Stearns
Australia’s first electric vehicle trialhas been completed. It ran from early 2010 to the end of 2012 with 11 electric Ford Focus and 23 fast-AC charging bays (Level-2). We found few technological barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia, but government incentives for early adopters and government programs for the roll-out of fast-DC charging stations would help Australia fully embrace these cars.



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