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The 2014 Accord Hybrid beats the plug-in for overall Eco-nomics

While the Accord plug-in will allow driver’s to commute fossil-fuel free for 10 miles without recharging, most Eco conscious consumers will opt for the Hybrid’s 50 mpg city rating. It’s simply more Eco-nomical.

In yesterday’s Torque News article on automobile, power grid integration, I was reminded by an astute Techy, that the Accord Plug-in is not a true stand alone EV (electric vehicle.) While I considered his observation to be a kin to splitting hairs over semantics, in the end I folded and edited what he considered to be a misleading title. Just for the record, Honda engineering does consider the FCEV and much of the hybrid series to be electric primary drive vehicles. in researching the engineering behind the Accord plug-in and the Accord Hybrid, I find the Hybrid to be the superior real world value for the dollar spent.

Aesthetically the cars are twins. They both offer top of the line passenger accommodations, personal electronic interface, and world class fit and finish. The big difference starts at the dealership. For the privilege of (possibly) traveling in the diamond lane solo; due to the car’s plug-in EV status, you’ll pay a $10,600.00. premium at time of purchase. For most buyers, that will add no less than $200 to the monthly payment.

While I agree that it would be fun to blow by a gas station for the work week while sipping on your morning cup of coffee, for me and countless millions, the 10 mile commute restriction without recharge is never going to happen. On any average work day I travel no less than 45 miles.The office is 14 miles from the house. I believe my daily mileage to be lower than average. My wife? forget about it…


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