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Tesla opens store at Fashion Mall

Tesla Motors, the California-based maker of the Model-S electric car, opened its first Indiana store at the Fashion Mall at Keystone at the Crossing on Dec. 13.

Unlike traditional automotive dealerships, Tesla stores invite customers to learn about electric driving with enticing visuals, interactive displays and a design studio where customers can create their own Tesla.

And, yes, the car is also available for test drives.

“This store is not your traditional dealership. This is not a high-pressure sales environment. You can’t buy a car today and drive off with a Tesla. We don’t keep any inventory here,” said Alexis Georgeson of Tesla. While orders can be placed in the store, each car is built to order at Tesla’s manufacturing plant in Freemont, Calif.

“Each customer has the ability to customize their car to fit their lifestyle. Delivery can take three weeks to three months,” she said.

The model-S starts at $62,400 and comes equipped with a 60 kwh battery pack that will drive an EPA-rated 208 miles on a single charge. For $10,000 more, you can step up to the 85 kwh battery pack, good for 265 miles on a single charge. Additional options can put the final price at about $80,000.

“We recommend that owners install a 240V outlet (like an outlet used for a clothes dryer) in the garage, which allows for a full recharge in an eight-hour period,” Georgeson said.


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