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Tepco loan ceiling may hit ¥10 trillion | The Japan Times

The government might raise its loan ceiling for Tokyo Electric Power Co. to ¥10 trillion from the current range of ¥5 trillion to ¥9 trillion, in light of the compensation payments and radioactive decontamination work it must carry out in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima disaster, sources said Saturday.

It is also considering financing the cost of the decontamination work, currently estimated at ¥2.5 trillion, by selling Tepco shares held by a state-backed fund, the sources said.

The decision on the additional assistance for Tepco will be made later this month. The measures would be included in the utility’s new business turnaround plan to be compiled by the company and the fund by the end of the year.

Under its current loan scheme, the Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund, which provides financial assistance to the utility, is allocated a type of government bond worth up to ¥5 trillion, which carries no interest and can be cashed by Tepco when necessary.



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