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Survey: More could benefit from electric cars

People who aren’t buying electric vehicles because they think charging will involve too much hassle are wrong, says a new study from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and Consumers Union.

Four out of 10 households could use an electric vehicle with little or no change to their driving habits and vehicle needs, the study says. Yet less than 1% of drivers have gone fully electric, whether it is the Nissan Leaf at the low end or the Tesla Model S at the luxury end.

•Why would 42% of the respondents be a good match for an electric vehicle? The survey says they:

•Drive less than 60 miles on a typical weekday and have another car in the household for longer weekend jaunts.

•Have access to parking and an electrical outlet at home or work.

•Need to carry less than five occupants.

•Do not need hauling or towing capability.

More than a third said they would be more enticed to consider an electric vehicle if they had a charging station at their workplace.

“Consumers who might be shopping for a new vehicle this holiday season may be surprised to learn that an electric vehicle could be a good fit for their household,” sayw Josh Goldman, policy analyst for the UCS Clean Vehicles Program, in a statement.


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