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Startup Puts Wireless Charging in a Box | EE Times

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Humavox emerged from stealth mode adding another wireless charging technology to what some say is already too large a set of options. The startup uses RF technology in a closed container, aiming at generally small devices such as hearing aids, smart watches, and connected glasses.

Humavox formally launched its website Tuesday, but it supplies little detail so far on the company’s Thunderlink RF interconnect or Nest container, which is not related to separate products from Nest Labs.

Users put their wearable devices in a Farady cage called the Nest Power Station where they are zapped with RF signals. The signals are received by electronics built into the charging device and then converted to DC energy.

The approach means users don’t need to worry about how they place devices in a charging box. That’s a drawback with competing techniques that use inductive coupling that needs close connections between the electronics in the device and a charging mat.

“By using RF transmission in Nest, Humavox gained control over these waves and managed to accurately point it towards the devices under charge, setting an extremely high level of wireless power transfer efficiency,” said Omri Lachman, co-founder and chief executive of Humavox, in an email exchange.



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