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Solar Impulse 72H Virtual Flight Trains For Round-the-World Solar Flight

At 08.00 am (local time) on December 20 2013, Bertrand Piccard completed the 72H non-stop flight simulation begun 3 days earlier in Dübendorf, Switzerland, reports Solar Impulse. After André Borschberg in 2012, Bertrand confronted the human challenge of very long flights and drew many lessons in preparation for the first round-the-world flight in 2015. The following is an official Solar Impulse news release:
72H Simulation: Test Successfully Passed By The Solar Impulse Pilots In Preparation For The Round-The-World Flight

solar impulse

Bertrand successfully completes the 72h simulation. | 2013.12.20| © Solar Impulse | Revillard |

Installed in a full scale mock-up of the aircraft currently in the final phase of construction for the round the world attempt, Bertrand Piccard took up the challenge of staying at the controls of the flight simulator for an uninterrupted period of 72 hours needed for a virtual crossing of the Atlantic; this was made possible by the computer models built by the engineers at Altran.

To draw all the lessons from this experiment and measure the mental and physical condition of the pilot in real time, a whole battery of tests was performed by the Solar Impulse team in cooperation with experts in a range of different fields. Fatigue, cockpit ergonomics, nutrition, use of the toilet, exercises to prevent thrombosis, vigilance and the ability to pilot the aircraft in a state of sleep deprivation were all assessed.


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