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Samsung Galaxy Car? Samsung Files Patents for Electric Vehicle Components

IDG News Service — Samsung’s moved successfully from TVs to phones, and somewhat less successfully to watches, so why not a car? A Wall Street Journal report says the Korean consumer electronics giant filed patents for parts that include a new electric motor and tires designed for an electric vehicle (EV). The patents were filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service.

The same report also mentions patents for a vehicle that would control the car based on your current medical condition, or based on your medical history.

Patent filings are always a bit vague. They usually cover individual components and parts, so it’s difficult to see how the technology would come together. However, there is also a filing for creating car communications between drivers of this potential Samsung EV.

That’s the part that makes the most sense. When you climb into a Samsung EV, the car could know who you are based on the phone you carry. A link between the smartphone and the car could mean the EV’s dashboard interface mirrors what shows on a future Galaxy phone, including instant access to your music, contacts, and apps.



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