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Road Trips In A Tesla Model S Electric Car: Lessons Learned

It’s one facet of the American myth: Get in your car, drive away from wherever you are, take the road trip.

Think crossing the country to find the California Dream. Think Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. Think buddy movies.

MORE: Tesla Model S Road Trip: 1,200 West Coast Electric-Car Miles

More prosaically, think about driving 600 miles to visit friends or relatives, because flying would mean a connecting flight and TSA security theater–and there are no trains.

Battery electric cars make those kinds of road trips impossible, the spontaneity of 10-minute refueling enabling hundreds, thousands of miles at a stretch.

Or do they?

We published a pair of Tesla road-trip reports this week, each totaling about 1,200 miles, one from the West Coast (the home of Tesla Motors), one from the East Coast.



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