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Report – Bhutan plans to replace government vehicles and taxis with Nissan Leafs and electric models

According to a Financial Times report, the Bhutanese government is seriously considering a switch over to electric vehicles for its fleet vehicles. The country’s prime minister, Tshering Tobgay, has been talking to Nissan on supply of charging infrastructure and vehicles. Its reported that by March next year, the Nissan Leaf would replace a few government vehicles.
NISSAN LEAF AERO STYLE front three quarter

Tobgay’s government – in office for three months – has held talks with Nissan on the supply of electric cars and battery charging systems.

Taxi cabs could be next on the list as the country’s 120,000 people depend heavily on them to commute. On an average, a Bhutanese taxi driver spends 800 ngultrum (800 rupees) a day on fuel. If operated on electricity, running the taxi would cost him just 10 ngultrum (10 rupees), a Bhutanese official reports.


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