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Parting-Out Of Better Place Creates Interesting Acquisition EV Opportunities

After two failed attempts to sell the company whole, Israeli liquidators are finally finding success by parting-out Better Place. In November, the Israeli power management firm Gnrgy won a bid to buy Better Place’s network of 1,800 public EV charging stations. As the piecemeal liquidation continues, Better Place’s high profile failure could create some interesting acquisition opportunities for a variety of companies interested in extending their global reach in the EV market, including Tesla Motors (TSLA), Renault SA (RNSDF), Nissan (NSANY), and Car Charging Group (CCGI).


One of the reasons Better Place’s liquidators are having success selling-off the company assets piecemeal is that it is hard to find a suitor who is interested in the centerpiece of the operation — its network of battery switching stations. Gnrgy, for example, had no interest in acquiring these assets. Tesla, however, is one industry player that is still willing bet on battery switching. It is also in a unique position to make it work.

An overlooked aspect of Tesla’s Supercharger network launch last spring was that the fast-charging stations would also offer battery switching for a fee to Tesla owners. To make such an announcement at the same time battery switching pioneer Better Place announced it was going bankrupt seemed a bit tone deaf. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, however, apparently believed that it was not the battery switching station concept itself that customers found unappealing, but rather the car the battery station was designed to service.



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