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Owners Of Solar Panels & EVs Get Solar 1st, 85.5% Buy Their Solar Panels (CT Survey Results)

With our two recent surveys, I was a bit surprised at how many responses we got from people who have both an electric car and solar panels. I know that about 40% of California EV owners have solar panels, but I didn’t expect nearly 100 readers with both would chime in (always a much smaller number of commenters and survey respondents than readers, of course). I’m going to leave the surveys open and may share them again in the future, but I figured it’s high time to report on the results we have.

Oddly, despite the fact that one survey required the respondent to have an electric vehicle and solar panels while the other survey only required the respondent to have solar panels, we ended up with 97 responses for each of the surveys.

Here are the simple results:

85.57% of our respondents bought their solar panels rather than getting them through a lease or PPA
67% of respondents with both an electric car and solar panels got attracted to solar power first, while 15.5% got attracted to electric cars first and 17.5% “enjoy them too much to remember.”
Similarly, 68% of respondents with both an electric car and solar panels got their solar panels first, while 23.7% got their electric cars first, 5.15% got them at essentially the same time, and about 3.1% really need more gingko because they can’t remember which they got first.



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