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Norwegian Tesla Model S driver goes 233 cold miles on a charge

When a Norwegian Tesla owner/enthusiast posted a video about how far he could go on a single charge during the depths of a Norwegian December, you just had a feeling the guy’s name would be Bjorn. This intrepid gentleman took his Model S out in the cold (he mentions the outside temperature reaching -6 Celsius, or about 21 degrees Fahrenheit) armed with a cat, a flatscreen TV and some other stuff, all for the purpose of testing the battery-electric vehicle’s single-charge range. And making a video to tell the world about it.

The result? Our friend Bjorn Nyland was able to go 375 kilometers (233 miles) on a single charge, and the car said it had another 41 kilometers worth of juice left in its battery bank. That would put the total range at 415 km, or 258 miles, in less-than-ideal conditions.

As we’ve reported, Norwegians love Teslas. The electric luxury sedan was the country’s best-selling car (of all models, gas included) in September, the same month Tesla’s Supercharger network was deployed there. Of course, the Norwegian government has been more than generous with its incentives. Tesla owners also get free ferry rides, bus-lane access and other perks. They can also go the distance in the cold, as you can see in Bjorn’s 30-minute video below.



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