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Norway’s Abundance of EVs Puts Strain on Public Charging and Congestion Perks |

Ola Jahr lives in Norway and owns two plug-in electric vehicles, a 2011 Think City and a 2013 Tesla Model S. Norway offers among the most generous packages of rewards for EV ownership in the world, and Jahr confirms that owning a plug-in electric vehicle in Norway is both economical and convenient. But the upfront cost of EVs is still a barrier to ownership, he told

“I bought a Tesla because it is the only present alternative if you want to go fossil-fuel free on your number one car,” said Jahr. “But without the huge tax relief it would not have been an option.” Taxes on new non-electric cars in Norway can more than double their price. There is no purchase or value-added tax on a plug-in electric vehicle.

Jahr bought the inexpensive Think City second hand as his first plug-in electric vehicle. But it turned out to not be so cheap—he had to replace the battery pack, “which was expensive,” he said.

Jahr, 65, works in Oslo and commutes 17 km (10.2 miles) each day. He drives one of his electric vehicles in sometimes, “but mostly I cycle,” he said. He bought the Model S so he and his wife can take longer trips. That’s made possible with the Model S because of its long range and Tesla’s Supercharger network in Norway, he said.



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